Pattern in Chief Message

shah gNoble thoughts beget noble talk and noble talk results in noble action. This is in brief sum up of the birth of SWS in 1988. The main Mission of SWS was to help out the orphans & destitute students irrespective of race, sect & political attachment. SWS is a Mission for Human Development, geared towards providing opportunities to youngsters for character building, knowledge & training in technical skills.

Alhamdolillah, I put a stone into the foundation and all SWS workers made it a movement on strong pillars. In order to benefit of more students, we have planned to construct an Educational Complex under which Free School, Technical College & Industrial Home will serve the students in organized manner. I trust on God Almighty who will come true our Mission. Last but not least, I thank to all SWS Members, Workers, Volunteers & specially Donors who worked & helped SWS with zeal & zest to the expansion of our noble cause.